Veterinary Dentist in Lexington, MA

In 1999, Veterinary Dental Services, LLC was established to provide high-quality, advanced dental care for dogs and cats in and around Lexington, MA. Our veterinary dentists are experienced, rigorously trained specialists able to provide a host of services to improve the health and function of your pet’s smile. An AAHA accredited hospital, Veterinary Dental Services aims to support patients, clients, and primary care veterinarians with compassionate, top-notch treatment they can rely on.
Our facility uses the latest and highest-performing veterinary dental technology to treat a wide range of oral conditions, from malocclusions and tooth loss to abscesses, oral masses, and tooth fractures. Improving your pet’s quality of life with outstanding dental care is our goal and our passion.

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Providing Dental Care at the Highest Level with Specialty Services

A majority of adult dogs and cats experience some form of dental disease, and other oral health problems. Our services are designed to treat and prevent these problems so your companion can live comfortably and function as normally as possible.

Our services include:

The Mission of Our Veterinary Dentists in Lexington, MA

Our board-certified veterinary dental specialists are unified in their mission, which involves:

  • Giving our patients the best possible veterinary dental care, oral surgery, and anesthesia
  • Treating pets and their loving owners with compassion, respect, and understanding
  • Doing everything possible to ensure a healthy, comfortable, and infection-free mouth for all our patients
  • Helping to restore and maintain your pet’s oral health and function
  • Educating pet owners on the fundamentals of dental disease, treatment, and disease prevention
  • Communicating clearly and thoroughly with your referring veterinarian to keep them informed and updated about their patients

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