Dog and Cat Surgery in Boxborough

Pets can be affected by a variety of oral conditions that may require dog and cat surgery. Here at Veterinary Dental Services in Boxborough, our specialists are well equipped to perform a wide assortment of veterinary oral surgeries to preserve teeth, remove harmful growths, repair injuries, correct congenital palate defects, and much more. Improving your pet’s oral health and overall quality of life is our highest priority. We’ll discuss every step of the process with you so that you feel comfortable with your decision.

Dog and Cat Surgery in Boxborough, MA

Conditions We Can Treat with Oral Surgery 

Conditions that can be improved with oral surgery include:

  • Cleft palates
  • Jaw fractures
  • Fractured teeth
  • Oral cysts
  • Oral masses

Dog and Cat Surgery Procedures

Our specialists utilize only the most advanced veterinary dental technology and techniques to perform surgical procedures. Being an AAHA-accredited veterinary hospital, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in oral surgery and pet safety. Our oral surgical services include:

  • Oral foreign body removal
  • Palatal defect repair
  • Jaw fracture repair
  • Oral mass excision
  • Maxillectomy/mandibulectomy (removal of all or part of the jaw bone)
Dog surgery x ray

Our anesthesia protocols are second to none, and we will take all necessary measures to keep your pet as comfortable as possible before, during, and after their oral surgery. We’ll keep you well informed of your pet’s status and progress, and answer any questions you have relating to their procedure and post-operative care.