Cat and Dog Orthodontics in Boxborough

Just like humans, pets can have poorly aligned teeth (malocclusion) that only orthodontic care (braces) can correct. The primary goal of veterinary orthodontics is to create a functional, comfortable bite (occlusion). The specialists at Veterinary Dental Services offer various orthodontic techniques that can help with malocclusion, with special consideration to the facial shape and temperament of every patient. It’s important to also keep in mind that veterinary orthodontic care requires frequent visits for the best results.

We keep the safety and comfort of all of our patients at the forefront with all of our dental services. As an AAHA-accredited hospital, we also follow specific guidelines for our cat and dog orthodontic services, allowing for the best results. With that in mind, you can be confident in the orthodontic care your pet receives while in our facility. While not every pet is a candidate for braces (in some cases, extraction is the only possible option), we consider all available options before resorting to extraction.


Before Dog Braces in Boxborough, MA


After Dog Braces

Classes of Malocclusion

There are three classes of malocclusion in pets.

  • Class 1: One or two teeth are misaligned. Anterior crossbite, base narrow lower canine, and spear tooth are all examples of a Class 1 malocclusion.
  • Class 2: This class is also known as an overbite, which occurs when the upper teeth are displaced forward, relative to the lower teeth.
  • Class 3: This class is also known as an underbite. This, of course, is just the opposite of an overbite; the lower teeth protrude forward relative to the upper teeth.

A consultation with one of our veterinarians will give us the opportunity to create a customized treatment plan for your pet. Please give us a call at
(978) 929-9200 if you’d like to learn more about our veterinary orthodontic services. We’ll be happy to help.