Veterinary Dentist Serving Dogs and Cats in Billerica, MA

Dr. Bonnie Shope and her fellow board-certified veterinary dentists have been providing specialized dental services for dogs and cats in and around Billerica, MA since 1999. These services include cat and dog teeth cleaning, dental X-rays, root canal therapy, orthodontics, and oral surgery. We are proud to offer advanced care for the treatment and prevention of various oral conditions including tooth loss, dental disease, broken teeth, malocclusions, oral abscesses, and much more.

In addition to our concentration in veterinary dentistry, our state-of-the-art hospital is also accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. This is a distinction very few animal hospitals can claim, and one that demonstrates our full commitment to excellent care and service for you and your pet.

dog teeth cleaning in Billerica, MA

Our Veterinary Dental Services

All our services are centered around your pet’s oral health. Dental care is essential to the prevention of oral disease processes and keeping dogs and cats healthy. Dental problems are rarely confined to just the oral cavity, but even in a limited state, these issues can be harmful to your pet’s quality of life.
To treat more complex oral health issues, we offer these primary dental services (click on each to learn more):

The Mission of Our Veterinary Dentists in Billerica, MA

Our veterinarians in Billerica, MA are committed to the following:

  • Providing the highest-quality veterinary dentistry, oral surgery, and anesthesia to our patients
  • Treating our pet patients and their caring owners with respect and compassion
  • Giving our patients a comfortable mouth, free of any pain or infection
  • Maintaining and preserving your pet’s oral health and function
  • Educating our clients about dental disease and prevention
  • Communicating with referring, general practice veterinarians with timely updates and education

Give us a call at (978) 929-9200 to book an appointment for your dog and cat at Veterinary Dental Services!