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Links of Interest

For Pet Owners:

Cats and Dogs
Search for products proven to help control plaque and/or tartar by the Veterinary Oral Health Council
Information for Owners
Locate a Veterinary Dentist
AVDC Veterinary Dentist Directory

For Veterinary Professionals:

Veterinary Dental Education Center
Receive training from
Dr. Laura LeVan, Dipl. AVDC
Information for Veterinarians
Visit C.E.T. University to become a certified C.E.T. Dental Counselor
Search for all upcoming Veterinary Dental CE programs
Attend the yearly Veterinary Dental Forum to learn about veterinary dentistry
Oral ATP
Learn about the Oral Assessment, Treatment and Prevention
(Oral ATP™) protocol
Jounal of Veterinary Medicine
Read about veterinary dentistry in The International Journal for the Study of Veterinary Dentistry
Academy of Veterinary Dentistry
American Veterinary Dental Society
Veterinary Dental Services, LLC
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