Veterinary Dentist for Dogs and Cats in Sudbury, MA

Keeping your pet’s teeth clean is one of the most important things you can do to keep them healthy. Veterinary Dental Services, LLC is comprised of board-certified veterinary dentists for Sudbury, MA who are dedicated solely to the care and management of your pet’s oral health. Our team provides advanced dental services for dogs and cats that are not offered at general practices, such as endodontics, orthodontics, restorative dentistry, and more. As such, we welcome referrals from local veterinarians and proudly serve as a trusted pet dental care provider in and around Sudbury.

Veterinary Dental Services, LLC is able to diagnose and treat a wide range of oral conditions, many of them complex and hard to treat with standard care. To schedule a consultation with us, call (978) 929-9200.

cat and dog teeth cleaning in Sudbury, MA

Veterinary Dental Services for Sudbury, MA that Go Beyond Teeth Cleaning

We specialize in dentistry for pets, with advanced services designed for diagnosing and treating oral health problems that cannot be resolved by a general practitioner alone. See some of our primary services below and click on each to learn more.

Our Pledge to You and Your Pet

At Veterinary Dental Services, LLC, our veterinary dentists in Sudbury, MA pledge the following to ensure clean, healthy mouths for all our patients:

  • To provide the best veterinary dentistry, oral surgery, and anesthesia for pets every day
  • To treat pets and their caring owners with the compassion and respect they deserve
  • To give all of our patients the gift of a healthy, functioning, pain-free mouth
  • To restore and maintain your pet’s oral health and function as much as possible
  • To educate you about pet dental disease, treatment options, and disease prevention
  • To clearly and thoroughly communicate with vets who refer their patients to us and provide timely updates

Give us a call at (978) 929-9200 to book an appointment for your pet!