Veterinary Dentist in Chelmsford, MA

Since 1999, Veterinary Dental Services, LLC has served as the premier veterinary dentist for Chelmsford, MA and surrounding areas. We are staffed with compassionate and highly experienced board-certified veterinary dentists who are able to provide advanced treatment, including orthodontics, oral surgery, endodontics, and restorative dentistry. Our services are designed to treat difficult oral health conditions and prevent future damage, infection, and discomfort for our patients. Dogs and cats deserve exceptional dental care, because their oral health is intrinsically tied to their overall systemic health. As an AAHA-accredited hospital, Veterinary Dental Services, LLC is committed to delivering the highest-quality treatment and customer service.

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veterinary dentist in chelmsford, ma

Explore Our Veterinary Dental Services in Chelmsford

At Veterinary Dental Services, LLC, we exclusively provide dental care for pets. Many dogs and cats suffer from various forms of dental disease, which can affect their major organs and lower their quality of life. To treat and prevent the potential cascade of problems that can result from poor oral hygiene and health, our team offers the following services for dogs and cats:

Our Mission is Veterinary Dentists in Chelmsford, MA

Together, our veterinary dentists and supporting staff share this overarching mission:

  • To provide the highest-quality veterinary dentistry, oral surgery, and anesthesia to our patients
  • To treat our pet patients and their caring owners with the respect and compassion they deserve
  • To give our patients a comfortable mouth, free of pain or infection
  • To maintain and preserve your pet’s oral health and function to the best of our ability
  • To educate pet owners about dental disease and prevention
  • To communicate regularly with general practice veterinarians with timely updates and education

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