Cat Teeth Cleanings in Boxborough, MA: Are They Needed?

Have you ever thought about having your cat’s teeth cleaned? Although you may not realize it, this is an important step in the health of many cats. Of course, cat dental cleaning was not heard of very often in past generations of pet owners, so it can be difficult to determine whether or not it’s necessary for your cat now.

Benefits of Cat Teeth Cleaning in Boxborough, MA

In this article, we’ll help you understand the benefits of having your cat’s teeth cleaned so you can make this decision more easily. Be sure to work with your vet for more specifics.

Eliminates Periodontal Disease

Just like in humans, periodontal disease in cats is caused by the buildup of plaque caused by bacteria in the mouth. This then turns into tartar and causes bacterial infection and damage to the cat’s gums, roots of the teeth, and nerves. In severe cases, it can even seep into the jawbone.

Cats with minor periodontal disease may only have some gum inflammation, but more severe cases can cause tooth loss, serious infections, and other issues. Over 85% of cats develop some form of periodontal disease by age 6.

Eliminates Other Diseases

Dental problems can contribute to other, more serious issues in cats, just like they can in humans and other pets as well. For example, long-term dental infection may cause the infection to spread through the cat’s bloodstream to the heart, liver, and other major organs.

Additionally, some cats may develop serious infections in the jawbone which could require reconstructive surgery to fully repair.

Reduces Your Cat’s Pain

One of the most important reasons to consider having your cat’s teeth cleaned is because he may be in a lot of pain without showing it. Cats hide pain and illness well, and when it comes to oral pain, they are especially good at keeping their human family members from noticing the issue until it’s gotten out of hand.

If you notice your cat having trouble chewing or find that he doesn’t like to play with his favorite toys in the same way anymore, these could be symptoms of dental disease or other mouth-related issues.

Teeth Cleaning Helps Improve Your Cat’s Breath

Cats generally do not have very foul-smelling breath, and your cat’s breath should only smell like his cat food or possibly like his favorite treats. If you notice your cat presenting severely bad-smelling breath, this is a good indication that he has a dental infection that needs attention.

Bad breath may sometimes be a sign of diabetes, liver failure, or kidney failure. For this reason, you should always take your cat to the veterinarian to find out the underlying cause of the problem before assuming your cat’s bad breath is only related to his teeth.

Cat Teeth Cleaning Reduces Significant Problems

If your cat is in a lot of pain when he eats, this may quickly cause him to stop eating much altogether. In no time, he may lose weight and become frail due to this issue. At the same time, cats with oral pain may stop bathing as they should and may develop poor coat conditions and bad hygiene because of the problem, too.

By having your cat’s teeth cleaned regularly, you can help him maintain his regular appetite and hygiene for as long as possible. This, in turn, helps him stay healthier for longer as well.

Talk to Your Vet About Cat Teeth Cleaning in Boxborough, MA

Now that you’ve had a chance to read up on the benefits of having your cat’s teeth cleaned, it may be easier for you to choose whether or not it is a necessity for your cat. Your vet will be able to tell you more information, too, and can give you some specifics regarding your individual cat and his needs.

Most cats will have significant health benefits from teeth cleaning on a regular basis. However, some cats may have underlying health conditions that make this procedure too risky. This is one of the many reasons why you should work with a trusted vet to determine how to proceed with cleaning your cat’s teeth.

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