530 Massachusetts Avenue, Boxborough, MA 01719
p: (978) 929-9200 • f: 978-929-9979
email: reception@veterinarydental.com

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Referrals from Veterinarians


We are happy to accept your dental referrals. Please complete a referral form and mail, fax or email it to our office:

phone: 978-929-9200
fax: 978-929-9979
email: reception@veterinarydental.com

Veterinary Dental Services
530 Massachusetts Avenue
Boxborough, MA 01719

  • We schedule consultations and surgery appointments Monday through Friday.
  • We require pre-anesthetic blood to be drawn within one month of the surgical procedure and sent to an outside lab. The bloodwork should be a complete blood count and full chemistry profile such as Antech Superchem/CBC or Idexx Total Health.
  • Please alert us to any existing health issue, cardiac consultations, current medications, etc. that might affect our anesthetic protocol and help us understand the full medical condition of the pet.
  • Please also include any information about the patient's prior anesthetic response at your hospital.
  • We require proof of rabies vaccine be sent prior to the patient's visit. Please fax or email the certificate along with the medical records.
  • We will give the owner a complete written summary of their visit.
  • We will fax you a copy of the complete medical record so that you will know what procedures were performed and can keep the pet's medical record in your office complete.
We strive to treat your clients as you would want them treated. Our goal is to work as a veterinary care team-member with you by being an extension of the services you provide your clients.
Veterinary Dental Services, LLC
530 Massachusetts Avenue, Boxborough, MA 01719 · (978) 929-9200
FAX: 978-929-9979 Email: reception@veterinarydental.com

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