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Three years ago I had to bring my Bichon Frise, Vairon, in to Veterinary Dental Services for an emergency. He broke one of his big back teeth. When I first saw it, I panicked and didn't know what to do. The caring people at VDS were very concerned about my situation and immediately helped! Once my dog was in their care, he was treated with the best care I could ever have hoped for. The doctors and staff were every professional, friendly and kind. They actually listened to all my fears and questions, then they took time to respond, making sure I was satisfied with all my concerns. Since then I have taken my other Bichon, Azul, in for dental work and most recently, Snoopy. Snoopy needed major work. He had a serious infection in his mouth due to severe periodontal disease. He required more than 6 hours of surgery. Once again VDS took care of Snoopy, and with expert surgery he is a happy, playful bichon again. I entrust my dogs to VDS, they seem to care about my dogs' happiness and safety as much as I do. I highly recommend Veterinary Dental Services to all animals that are having dental issues.

-Louis B. Cambridge, MA


"Sophie is my 15 1/2 year old dachshund who arrived at the Veterinary Dental Services office with what I thought was 2 cavities in her back teeth. Unfortunately, Dr. Shope discovered Sophie had tooth resorption and had to extract 7 teeth on our first visit and about a month later had to extract 9 teeth. Dr. Shope and her staff were exceptional in their handling of Sophie and treated her like one of their own. Sophie did very well after both procedures, thankfully, and is now completely recovered. She is running around the yard and happy again. Before the procedures, she was always tired and did not want to be outside too long. I did not know that Sophie was in so much pain, she is a very stoic dog. After seeing her activity level increase so much since the procedures, I knew it was the right thing to do despite her age. I want to thank Dr. Shope and her team for all of their help in getting Sophie back to her happy, healthy self! I also want to give Susan a special Thank You--since all of my conversations with her were relaxed and calming. Susan contacted our local veterinarian to obtain Sophie's medical information and then she was sure to send him the procedures Sophie underwent. I did not have to worry about a thing. I would highly recommend the Veterinary Dental Services."

-Diane S. Bristol, RI

"Thanks to each one for making this dental experience so educational, safe, professional, and yet personal. Your expertise, kindness, and patience were absolutely pivotal in addressing and allaying some of my fears and concerns. More importantly, Blossom was treated with such care and attention, not to mention attention to detail.

From my first contact with VDS, I felt that I was making the right decision to trek out to Acton. Now, I KNOW I made the right decision. You are really a class act team. Thanks for all your professional guidance."

-Marion P. Pittsfield, MA

"I wanted to thank all of you for the exceptional care and professionalism that I observed yesterday. It was because of that I was able to let Tim have the dental care he needed and trust that he would be okay. I Didn't get a chance to thank you and wanted to convey my appreciation and admiration for your work and the professionalism and caring of your practice."

-Sandra H. Pittsfield, MA


" It was certainly a pleasure meeting you. We wanted to take a moment and thank you for the wonderful care you gave Duke. We feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful dentist for our kids."

-Tracey S. Epsom, NH


"I brought my 2 year old, very timid, very scared cat to Veterinary Dental Services because she was not eating very well and cried when she did eat. She wouldn't wash her fur so it was all matted. Winnie was diagnosed with Stomatitis and Gingivitis. The suggested treatment was a full mouth extraction but there was no guarantee that Winnie would respond favorable to this treatment. With all my questions answered, in particular, how will she eat without teeth? I made my decision. Winnie had the surgery and her mats were shaved. She came home the day of the surgery toothless, with a collar to protect her pain mediation patch and minus lots of fur. It was a traumatic experience for her but she starting eating better and started cleaning herself. Winnie was back! A year later her initial symptoms came back, eating was a problem. Off to Veterinary Dental Services she went. The stomatitis came back. Various treatments were discussed but because of her temperament the only treatment was to give her a drug that only Veterinary Dental Services was approved to import. The drug was not available in the USA and had not yet been approved by the FDA but had good reported results. During her three month at home treatment Winnie showed signs of steady improvement. Winnie is still a very shy and timid little girl but eating well, loves to groom herself and has a beautiful fur coat. Winnie has done so well that she will not have to return for any more checkup examinations. Winnie is a true success story.

Veterinary Dental Services does offer the best in dental care for pets. Dr. Shope and her staff were always willing to answer my questions and address my concerns. During Winnie's illness there were times when Dr. Shope would call to see how Winnie was doing and also had to work with Winnie's local vet. I can't thank Veterinary Dental Services enough for taking such great care of Winnie and (her cat mother). I'm not sure where Winnie would be today without them. Everyone there is so compassionate, friendly and knowledgeable. I recommend them to any one that needs a very special place to take their animals for dental services."

-Margie W. Watertown, MA

cat named Pretzel

Pretzel had been at a local shelter for about 4 years when I adopted him. Part of his medical problem was stomatitis and he had had several teeth removed already. He also has blocked tear ducts which necessitated daily cleaning of his eyes. After he was with me for a while he relaxed more as now one person was not only cleaning his eyes but giving him a mom to cuddle and sleep with. When I finally took him to Dr Shope in May 2011 she advised removing the rest of his teeth. X-rays showed he also had some broken teeth that had left roots in his gums.

Thanks to Dr Shope Pretzel is a totally happy boy now. He eats dry as well as canned cat food and has far less eye discharge than before his surgery. What a difference you have made for this wonderful loving cat and for me too. To see him content is such a joy.

-Jeanne R. Marlborough, MA

dog named Star

To have a professional experience is expected. To have a genuine caring attitude is appreciated. To have a staff par excellence is overwhelming. All of these attributes we have found at Veterinary Dental Services. The Angel Family is grateful for making our 'Star' even healthier.

-Stuart W. Portsmouth, NH


Words cannot express our gratitude for your care and support for our little dog Thor (aka Bubba). The surgery went very well and he has been very happy and comfortable upon his return home! He honestly looks as good as new and we are grateful for your help in saving his life!

-Jenn H. Stratham, NH

I wanted to thank you for all of the work you did to help Maggie. Everyone was so kind and it is clear you take great care to keep your patients comfortable and treat them with respect. I really appreciate the way Brett and I were treated as well.

-April M. Jamaica Plain, MA

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